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Angron: The Red Angel (pb) (60100181171)


GamesWorkshop BL3120



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A Warhammer 40,000 Novel

Angron is roused to war once again, unleashed upon a weakened and vulnerable galaxy. Can it withstand his boundless rage?


David Guymer brings Angron back into the 41st Millennium with a furious roar as he calls his scattered Legion back to his side and embarks on an epic conquest.


In the darkness of Imperium Nihilus, across half a million worlds cut off from the dim light of Holy Terra, a beacon is lit. The Red Angel returns to an unsteady galaxy, and his scattered sons heed the call to slaughter. Aboard the World Eaters’ flagship, Kossolax the Foresworn, self-appointed lord regent of the XII, fights to keep the old dreams of the Legion alive but finds the return of his hated father both an opportunity and a threat to the warriors’ fragile unity.

Marooned on a worthless moon with a rag-tag band of traitors as despicable as himself, Ortan Leidis of the Angels of the Grail dares to dream of something greater.

Half a galaxy away, Graucis Telomane of the Grey Knights has been readying himself for this day, and plans six centuries in the making are finally set in motion – plans that will see the eradication of the Emperor’s greatest mistake once and for all...

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TEXT_PRODUCT_NAME Angron: The Red Angel (pb) (60100181171) (GamesWorkshop BL3120)
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